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12:43, Sunday, 24.09.2017
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Press-Conference in Prime-Time
Human Rights Center held a press-conference in the press-club of Prime Time about the law violation by the company
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:07:46      Added: 15.07.2016      Views: 8498
Who lobbies tobacco industry
The film exposes facts of lobby of the tobacco industry, illegal sponsorship and advertising by the tobacco companies in
Author:       Duration: 00:24:31      Added: 07.07.2016      Views: 4399
World Day without Tobacco- demonstration in front
On May 31, Tobacco Control Alliantce held a demonstration "Do Not Blow on Me" to mark the World Day
Author:       Duration: 00:04:26      Added: 01.06.2016      Views: 2379
Failed Control
In 2006, by ratifying the Convention on the Tobacco Control of the World Health Organization, the State took responsibility
Author:       Duration: 00:24:13      Added: 20.05.2016      Views: 5270
Unpunished trade
The film tells about the violations related with the tobacco trading. The Georgian Legislation strictly regulates the issues related
Author:       Duration: 00:19:35      Added: 06.04.2016      Views: 5356
Technical examination of cars
Technical examination of cars will be obligatory after January 1, 2018 instead initially scheduled 2015. Under the Association Agreement
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:09:42      Added: 26.11.2015      Views: 5266
Presentation of the Book
On November 5, book Trust and Peace Building in the South Caucasus was presented. The book was published in
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:05:35      Added: 06.11.2015      Views: 4256
Women and Men prisoners waiting in line for health
According to what principle do women and men prisoners wait in electronic queue ? When are they able to pay
Author:       Duration: 00:46:38      Added: 07.07.2015      Views: 3825
Demonstration to protest violence against women
Demonstrations to protest violence against women were simultaneously organized in 23 cities and towns of the country. Participants presented
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:04:57      Added: 26.11.2014      Views: 4612
Universal Healthcare
From September 1, 2014, beneficiaries of the Government's resolution #165 - pensioners, students, children of the age 0-5, children
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:04:19      Added: 08.09.2014      Views: 4967
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